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1.Activities to promote sound marketing

  • To prevent copyrighted video products from unauthorized exhibition and illegal duplication
  • To develop sound video rental market by enforcing anti-piracy surveillance
  • To conduct survey and study how to expand sell-though market
  • To increase the public awareness of video software
  • To provide members with JVA hologram seal to identify authorized products from pirated copies

2. Activities to promote copyright protection

  • To study revisions to the existing Japanese copyright law for a proposal to the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • To establish legal standards with respect to consumer's use of video software in consultation with the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • To publish a booklet about video copyright for the education of not onlyJVA members but also any persons or entities engaged in video business
  • To hold copyright seminars for members
  • To support copyright seminars by the Agency for Cultural Affairs by sending professional lecturers thereto

3. Studies on censorship restrictions

  • To study on voluntary restrictions
  • To establish production standards and implementation

4. Market survey and publicity

  • To compile and analyze the sales of visual products by JVA members on a monthly, semi-annual,and annual basis
  • To conduct market survey of video rental stores by questionnaire filled in by such stores on a regular basis

5. Cooperation with government offices and allied organizations

  • To submit requests to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry,the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the National Police Agency, and the Administrative Agency for the benefit of members
  • To promote mutual cooperation with other relevant organizations
  • To exchange information and cooperate with Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA),and other related organizations in overseas

6. Promotion of Multi-Media

  • To hold seminars and study the potentiality of Multi-Media business
  • To study the clearance of Multi-Media rights
  • To be a member of Multi-Media related organizations and maintain close relationship